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                   MUHURTHE APPAYANE……


In course of entertainment in the event of joy

Following the slogan friends food has come to the market with absolute food items of different taste. By producing enriched & potential goods depended on Agro based ingredient it accomplishes the enhancement of industrialization in one side and on the contrary to bring the utmost satisfaction of the customers & consumers with high quality processed foodstuff.

Friend Food has in the mean time entered into the market with their charmful new Products of standard quality agro based components of the country as the substitute of import items which may assumed to be the good & tasty food of different shapes of traditional system of production .


Quality Control

Dealing with all aspects of food quality and safety from food purchase, storage, transportation, processing and distribution.

Food Quality Control aims at providing basic and practical information on food characteristics and safety controls.

One important element of our work is ensuring that food supplies are safe, of good quality and can contribute to an acceptable nutritional and health status for all population groups.

Food Quality Control is linked to improvement in the health of the population, potential for a country's economic development and reduction of spoilage and food losses..